Afternoon Snack

Welcome to your post-travel hiatus Afternoon Snack!

It’s officially Gemini season, and you know what that means: outlandish branded swimwear! Just a reminder that we have a house Gemini whose birthday is coming up very soon and who is not above abusing her posting privileges to request birthday presents from the Internet Void.

Speaking of astrology, this genius set of author horoscopes, with luminaries like Octavia Butler, Margaret Atwood, and James Baldwin, will make you want to believe.

It’s no secret that we POMEs love trains, so when we found out about the forthcoming Hello Kitty bullet train we collectively lost our minds. I mean…

We love this Kickstarter campaign by Organized Havoc for adorable acrylic standees of beloved characters from webcomics like Atomic Robo, Check, Please!, Knights-Errant, and more! They’ve only got 48 hours left as of this posting, so hop on over and make a pledge if you want your very own shiny cuties.

You may have seen an article making the rounds about octopus DNA coming from space. We regret to inform you that octopi, while unique almost to the point of being alien, are extremely still from Earth.

For the squirrel-girls-at-heart, you can now wear your squirrel heart on your sleeve, the way God intended.

ICYMI despite our constant online yelling, we just wrapped up our 2018 mini con season with back-to-back exhibitions at TCAF and VanCAF! You can peep Rachel’s TCAF travel comics here, and keep an eye out later this week for the action-packed VanCAF installment! We loved getting to meet some of our lovely Group Chat contributors in person, and are now legally obligated to gleefully rep Canada, aka Comics Heaven, for the rest of our lives!

That’s all for this week, folks!

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