Afternoon Snack

Sometimes the world is good, and here is the proof with an exuberant Afternoon Snack!

Frankly, it’s shocking that we missed this, but the cool kids over at CMYKZ included us in their extremely charming VanCAF 2018 horoscope!! We’re delighted and honored to represent Taurus.

Our dreams have manifested in the form of this gorgeous new Tarot deck illustrated by Longtime POME Fave Trungles! You can preorder your deck for delivery in July.

One of our favorite anime, Little Witch Academia, is now an RPG that you can play on PS4 and PC! We wanna play it so bad. 

Elsewhere in cool-ass games we want to try out as soon as possible: Dead Friend, a collaborative storytelling game for two, roleplaying as a necromancer and a ghost!! (A suggested price of $1.99 makes this even more appealing… )

HOLD THE PHONE, then drop the phone, then stomp all over the phone in your favorite pair of Docs, because WHO NEEDS PHONES when such beauty exists in the world: Tig Notaro is writing on a new Netflix show, First Ladies, where Jennifer Anniston plays the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and Notaro co-stars as. HER. WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you’re done screaming in gay, head on down to Stacked Deck Press, where you can now pre-order your copy of We’re Still Here: An All-Trans Comics Anthology. Give your money to trans artists!!

Can’t get enough BABYMETAL? Lucky you, they’re debuting an original graphic novel in October, and Comics Beat has all the first look goods!

Looking to treat yourself to the most extra commute possible? Tokyo’s “Luxurious Sleeping Beauty Taxi Service” has got you covered (in jet black shag carpet, no less).

Texas friends, Bryan Washington has got a fascinating story on the Houston Rodeo over at Catapult that is well worth your time:

The rodeo’s also one of the city’s more jarring cultural crossovers. You’ll find all manner of folks in the stands. Most nights are, predictably, packed with white attendees—but between events like “Go Tejano Day” (which is generally the most popular evening; although, as Manny’s always quick to add, “Every day at the rodeo is Tejano day, it’s our fucking thing”), and “Black Heritage Day” (which makes more than a few of my black friends roll their eyes toward oblivion), sometimes the stands are a little more diverse. And you’re just as likely to find yourself in the company of folks from Bellaire and Alief as you are from River Oaks or the Woodlands or Katy. The rodeo is less of a rallier than the ambiance surrounding it. These aren’t sights you’ll find in the bulk of Texas: patches of Vietnamese couples SnapChatting steers from the stands, or Malaysian teens showing off their paintings in the rodeo’s annual sponsored art show.

Books on Icelandic magic, you say? Yes, please!!

If you thought you were getting out of here without being subjected to train-related content, you were sorely mistaken!! We were fascinated to learn that Japan’s famous train systems get a little boost from behavior-shaping design.

Oh, ICYMI, tag your career based on your Myers-Briggs type in the comments! As you might imagine, we’ve got a lot of sea hags in the house.

We’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled Afternoon Snack on Monday. See y’all in June!

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