Afternoon Snack

It’s Pride Month, y’all! Ready to celebrate?



First things first. Peacocks… welcome to the resistance.



If you want to support LGBTAIQ+ creators, there’s a new, very easy way to do it: check out the #PrideBoost hashtag to find some new artists and writers to buy from, or a new Patreon to back!



You can also potentially score some FREE stuff by entering this sweepstakes for six books featuring LGBTQ characters from Tor!



POSE premiered on FX last night, and it’s downright gorgeous. Can’t wait ’til next week’s episode? Check out this excellent list of what to watch to learn more about ballroom culture, the AIDS crisis, and more.



Here’s a little history we stumbled upon: lots of folks on Twitter are sharing information about forgotten LGBTQ activists and icons, including the Irish movement “Lesbians & Gays Support the Miners.” In solidarity with the queer activists who supported their rights and needs, the miners led the 1985 Gay Pride strike in London.



Elsewhere in the archives, we recently learned that women’s clothes don’t have pockets because feminists demanded them during the French Revolution and the patriarchy was scared we’d just carry seditious pamphlets and erotica in them!!



Speaking of dangerous texts, “My Lady’s Choosing” is the bisexual Jane Austen Choose Your Own Adventure novel of your wildest dreams, Autostraddle tells us, and we can’t wait to discover it for ourselves!!



Houston friends! Don’t miss out on this excellent new exhibition at the Station Museum of the work of Belkis Ayón, an Afro-Cuban artist specializing in ghostly, enigmatic prints.



Please meet Skellie, our new favorite Instagram influencer. Do we want to be her or do we want to kiss her??



Today in “All Humans Are Walking Trash Monsters,” wash your dang towels!!!



You know who isn’t human and doesn’t have to wash towels? Buff Cat. Buff Cat, we love you forever!!!



Go gladly into June and enjoy all the sunshine and rainbows therein!


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