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Happy Monday from your favorite day-job-workin’, how-did-I-get-here-ass art gals.

This weekend, NYC Pride Parade Grand Marshal Tyler Ford reached back to our radical roots at the Stonewall Inn. For those of us who couldn’t be there, you can read the powerful speech they gave over at

Awestruck by Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “Apeshit” video but forgot to go to art school? Vulture’s got you covered with a simple breakdown on the video’s dialogue with the Louvre’s treasures.

This wall calendar inspired by Hereditary has THIRTEEN SATAN-WORSHIPPING GRANDMAS and we have never put an item into the shopping cart so fast in our whole lives.

POME fave Bingo Love is getting an expanded edition this November, and a second volume in 2020! If you’re not sure what all the hype is about, check out our review of the first volume, and get your preordering skills sharpened.

If that’s not enough queer love and friendship for you, maybe check out this utterly charming review of Group Chat over at Gay League, which even features thoughtful summaries of every story in the anthology!

Tech workers are flexing their solidarity muscles with big pushbacks against Google and Amazon using their technologies for military and border operations. Keep it up, y’all!!

In other inspiring actions, Portland, Oregon, was one of the first cities to suspend ICE operations after protests and occupations by local activists, which are not only still ongoing, but spreading across the country.

However you feel about Barack Obama’s disappearance from public life, this fascinating, well-reported article on what he’s been up to since Inauguration Day will make you think.

Even quotidian political activity would be welcomed by many — after all, about two-thirds of the country now approve of his presidency. “People continue to want, to ask for, his intervention — and even be frustrated when they don’t get it,” says Jennifer Palmieri, Obama’s communications director during part of his second term. “But they will be, ultimately, wrong to feel that way. Because what they want is for Barack Obama to be president, and he is not. They miss Dad, and they’re homesick, and there’s so much in the world that’s disorienting, and they want something that they love and that’s familiar. And he can never be what people ultimately want. There’s no outcome here where everyone says, ‘I miss Barack Obama, but I understand what he’s doing and I understand the choices that he’s making.’ ”

Local hero Lindsay Eyth had an incredible show at Austin’s Recspec Gallery this month, and now you can not only view but buy all of the pieces from the show on the gallery’s website. This Cancer season, support survivor art!

I don’t know much about sports, but I do know that your sport is probably bullshit if it doesn’t even create earthquakes. Dale, Mexico!!!

Forever grateful to the SEO geniuses at Buzzfeed for teaching us all how to sex. Note to self: how do we apply these lessons to shoot to the top of the results page for “thirteen Satan-worshipping grandmas”???

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