Afternoon Snack

Congrats to all our friends who tabled at or attended FlameCon!!! It looked like an AMAZING time. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy a taste of the internet’s most delicious detritus this week.

Oh hey, Harvey Award nominations are up! Make sure to vote if you exhibited at an eligible ReedPOP convention this season!

Last week, this amazing thread on manga history by the eminent Rachel Thorn took us to school.

This interview with Fantagraphics’s Eric Reynolds on Amazon’s moves into the comics publishing industry is very enlightening, and a little bit scary.

Victorian librarians might have had it rough way back when, but today’s librarian woes are maybe even more perplexing.

Please, someone give a medal to this Ojibway teen who has been dubbing Sailor Moon in Anishinaabemowin and Cree!!!!!!

Bless cat twitter for giving us medieval cat prints preserved for posterity and cat-based surrealism.

Is this essay about the death of mayonnaise the ultimate Millenial Industry Murder story?

Thank yous are also due to queer history twitter, for teaching us about DRAG LEGENDS Superman and Wonder Woman!!

Rebecca Sugar has kicked down the gates barring queer stories from G-rated media, and we can’t wait to see what she and the upcoming generation of queer kids’ artist do next.


Artists, we adore and treasure you, which is why you should all read this book about safer drawing practices. Art-lovers, consider treating your artist friends to a copy!

Keanu Reeves is getting into book publishing and WHERE DO WE PRE-ORDER????

It’s not easy to express how much we will miss the inimitable, brilliant Aretha Franklin, so maybe you should just watch her blowing Pavarotti out of the water during this Grammy performance.

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Literary Hot or Not: Carmilla Edition

he POMEcoven Book Club has been getting into the Spooky Season with the original Hot Lesbian Vampire Tale: Carmilla, by J.T. Sheridan Le Fanu. And to share this Good Word with all of you, we’re bringing back Literary Hot or Not—this time with 100% more goths.

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Afternoon Snack

As we tiptoe hesitantly towards the end of Daylight Savings Time and months of literal and figurative darker days, let’s remind each other that we need each other and find ways to meet those needs.

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