Afternoon Snack

What a time to be online! Here are the delights and horrors of last week on the internet.



We will never stop missing Aretha Franklin, not only for her musical genius, but for her iconic looks.



At POME, we love nothing more than the power of friendship, which is why we’re very excited that Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman are writing a book together, aptly titled Big Friendship!



I don’t know that we exactly, 100% trust NPR on what is cool and hip, but yeah, okay, we’ll take Roségoth, please and thank you.



Is the Chinese government orchestrating bold heists of Chinese art from European museums? We sure hope so!!



Fans of cryptids and literature, this one’s for you: Alexia Arthurs talks mermaids and transgressive sex in her new book, How To Love A Jamaican.



Fake. Pockets. On. “Women’s”. Jeans. Are. Sexist. Real pockets NOW!!!



Today in questions you never thought to ask: Do men with testicles enter a hot bath so their balls hit the water last? Science may never know.



Making fun of Elon Musk with bootleg contraptions is apparently a very popular pastime in Russia. I don’t make up the facts, folks, I just report ’em.



Cryptocurrency is so hot right now, and who better to lead the trend forward than our favorite enigmatic J-Pop star, GACKT. P.S. If you can’t get enough Gackt content, here’s Gackt’s Twitter translated into English!



Calling all crones: you must read this short New Yorker profile, loaded with gorgeous pictures, of contemporary women who are also witches.



Another must-read with a headline that says it all: The Oscar Wilde of YouTube fights the alt-right with decadence and seduction.



The ancient world continues to reveal it’s terrifying and joyous mysteries, with drought-recording “Hunger Stones” delivering ominous warnings, and other rocks revealing the name of written history’s first known domestic dog!



To All The Boys Who Told Me That Shōjo Manga Isn’t REALLY Gay.


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