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Hello, friends! We had a fantastic time at STAPLE! this weekend, and we hope that everyone working or attending a con this weekend had a great time, too! Here are this week’s internet treasures to help you catch your breath.

Next week is SPX! Be sure to say hi to our very dear crone Cait while you’re there!

All of us POMEs have been in a situation where we wanted to talk to a smart person we admire at an event, and felt weird doing it. So, we were very happy to see this guide on how to talk to smart strangers who have just done A Thing without being or feeling weird about it!

We’re already 1/3 of the way through September (rude), but we still found these September horoscopes-as-sad-desk-lunches relatable.

Heads up, young trans women in comics: Lilah Sturges wants to mentor you!

Never forget the sacrifices of our foremothers in journalism, such as the women who made Rolling Stone a powerhouse in the 70’s, and who had to put up with the worst male bullshit everrrrrr to do it!!

Lazin: The reaction was hysterical. And these were our friends! The guys would go over across the street to drink and talk about how stupid all of this was, and in the meantime, Marianne and Christine and Harriet and I were working on their pieces. Joe [Eszterhas] would lay his buck knife down on the table and threaten in his macho way. I remember Ralph Gleason, who was my mentor, calling me up, and he said to me, “O.K., Sarah. Dizzy and Coltrane are standing at the corner of 52nd and 7th, June 3, 1952. Fact-check that!” I was like, “Come on, Ralph. That’s not what we’re doing here.”

A brave cultist speaks out from within the shroud of Nyarlathotep. Anonymous death hound… welcome to the Resistance.

Oh look, more Kickstarters to throw your money at! We are VERY INTO this spooky, surreal roleplaying game, Something is Wrong Here.

TAKE THAT, GEORGE “NO BRAS IN SPACE” LUCAS: According to this essay, bra and girdle technology and seamstresses on Singer sewing machines were integral to NASA’s first spacesuits.

The Muslim Girl Foundation just announced a new scholarship for Muslim women in college! Take a look – they’ve also got several other scholarship opportunities on their application website!

Lynda Barry, legendary cartoonist and educator, posted a new comic about menopause this week and it’s just as touching and humorous as you would expect from one of the all-time greats.

This LitHub profile of Jason Lutes, who’s been making a comic about interwar Berlin for 23 years, is fascinating, and strangely timely.

Y’all, this is real and incredible, we looked it up!!!! 2018 sure is a year of many horrible and delightful lessons you were never taught in school.

And to go out: the BEST habit/symptom tracker idea EVER for HUGE D&D NERDS like US!!!!!

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