Afternoon Snack

Leaning very heavily into men-free content.

October 8, 2018 at 9:00 am

It’s time to avert your eyes from the trainwreck, take a deep breath, and enjoy a moment that is meant solely for you. Enjoy your snack.

Thank you, Autostraddle, for the glee that is 55 Fictional Witches, Ranked By Lesbianism. Really feeling Circe’s look in this one.

What Is Fat Bear Week and Why Is It So Good?” Finally, a competition bracket that has fat bears!!

We will never get enough gay Tove Jansson content. Like, come on:

…soon after she refused to dance, Tuulikki sent Tove a card with a cat, fat and striped, hand-drawn on the front. A code that meant: I am thinking of you. After telephone calls over the holidays, Tove finally set off to Tuulikki’s studio. It was March, and snowing, when she walked over; the streets were dark and the fat flakes fell in drifts that made the roads shine. When she got there, the studio warm and light like a ship’s cabin at sea, they drank wine and played French records.

Miss Sherlock, a Japanese miniseries on HBO, looks just incredible and we can’t wait to watch it!!

Okay, this does technically have men in it, but it’s literally Ancient History, so: please enjoy the discovery of ancient Roman proto-comics paintings!!! From a tomb!!

The Good Place is back and some of us are wondering how we stack up in the “The Good Place” personality test.

The Vizcacha is indeed supremely relatable.

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