Afternoon Snack

Here are the things that gave us a little bit of joy this week.

After reading this short bit of gaming labor history, you’ll never think about “easter eggs” the same way again.

A breakdown of Daredevil’s incredible one-take, ten-minute long fight scene.

From the Queer Games Conference, here’s a fascinating talk on queer sexualities and the social reward system in Dragon Age.

Do you love doll games? We love doll games!!!!!! (Slightly NSFW, because bodies.)

Friend of POME Yasmine Pirouz has a new YouTube series about drawing links between artists’ work! Check out the unique perspective on art Yasmine offers!

This deep dive into Japan’s obsession with Kit-Kat bars is a visually pleasing treat.

I saw Fleetwood Mac with my ex-boyfriend’s secret girlfriend” has perhaps perfected the concert review form, to the exclusion of every other concert review ever.

In this house, we’re not sure how we feel about ghosts or divination, but also, are convinced that every Aries is exactly like what an Aries should be, how is this possible????? Anyway, here are the signs as old women with threatening auras. Relatable.

Ah yes, at last, A Star is Born.

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Shopping with the Senshi: Part 1

‘ve all been there: you’re shopping for outfits you won’t wear to special events that aren’t happening, when you start faving looks that aren’t even for you. You think, “oh my God, you know who would absolutely wear this vintage YSL blazer? Fictional character and my imaginary best friend, Sailor Mars!” And thus, Shopping with the Senshi was born, aka: What if Sailor Moon characters had online luxury consignment?

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