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It’s the Monday after midterm elections, and if you’re reading this; congrats, you made it! (We think.) Now it’s time to take a little break, enjoy your victories large and small, and marvel at the glittering depths of the Internet with us.

Here’s a tidy and inspiring list of 2018’s most historic victories. Special shout-out to Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia, the first Latinas that Texas has ever elected to Congress!

Longtime POME hero Anne Helen Petersen came through with some of the best analysis of Beto O’Rourke’s campaign in Texas, which made massive gains despite Texas’s extremely gerrymandered district maps. If you’ll pardon the sports metaphor: “It’s not just coming from behind at halftime; it’s arriving in the fourth quarter after the other team has been playing without you for the previous three.”

In some places, the fight still isn’t over! Gina Ortiz Jones over in TX-23, a U.S. House of Representatives district in a key position on the border with Mexico, needs your help making sure every ballot is counted, in a race where less than 1,000 votes separate her and her opponent!

Congrats to the guy who wrote the Dragon Ball Z theme song, yet another strangely endearing Texas Democratic win.

Only 90s kids will weep for the simpler times represented by this brief behind-the-scenes video of arguably the most iconic ad jingle of our childhoods.

If death by one thousand paper cuts is your favorite way to dream of the downfall of your enemies, you might like these curses from a millennial witch.

For every curse, a blessing! Underappreciated masterpiece Jupiter Ascending is getting a BALLET and WE WANT TO GO!!!

This thoughtful essay about a hot best-selling self-help book, Girl, Wash Your Face, which, we shit you not, includes a recipe for “slow cooker pumpkin spice latte,” explores the sinister side of “curated imperfection.”

But to my mind, her core philosophy itself is emblematic of a huge division in American thought that dominates our national discourse: Are people who have problems responsible for fixing them themselves? Or is there some collective responsibility that we are shirking — does a society owe something to all its members? There are dark implications in making everything a matter of personal responsibility, which is Hollis’s bias. She asks us to interrogate and deconstruct the lies that we’ve believed about ourselves, and I wonder how that lens would function if we turn it on the lies she promulgates in Girl, Wash Your Face.

Extremely pure palate cleanser: this teacher who helps her students choose how they want to be greeted in the morning.

Comics pals who want to make comics with their own comics pals: Stephanie Cooke of Creator Resource has generously posted a sample collaboration agreement to use for your projects. Take a pic and seriously, for real, always get it in writing, friends!

Graphic Novel TK is also doling out excellent advice for how to make a living as a cartoonist, featuring Jen Wang, creator of The Prince and and the Dressmaker!

You thought we were done with election posts, but you were wrong!! Because Florida’s new ban on greyhound racing means there will be 8,000 greyhounds needing adoption! Here’s one way to help our sweet speedy friends, even if you can’t adopt one yourself.

And at last, as your Afternoon Snack farewell gift, here is D’Arcy Carden (aka Janet) pictured with LITERALLY L’il Sebastian!!!

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