Afternoon Snack

Welcome to your pre-Thanksgiving Afternoon Snack! We will not be talking about the spicy Beto tweet. Only mild to medium content here, folks.

Would it be a holiday without a lengthy essay on how Millennials Are Making Things Weird Now? No, no of course not. Enjoy: How Friendsgiving Took Over Millennial Culture.

ELsewhere in the food world, a Thrillist writer confesses his regrets on listicle culture killing what he genuinely felt was the best burger joint in the country. Watch out: this one is a bit of a tearjerker at the end.

If there was one main negative takeaway from the raging fires of food tourist culture and the lists fanning the flames, it was that the people crowding the restaurant were one time customers. They were there to check off a thing on a list, and put it on Instagram. They weren’t invested in the restaurant’s success, but instead in having a public facing opinion of a well known place. In other words, they had nothing to lose except money and the restaurant had nothing to gain except money, and that made the entire situation feel both precarious and a little gross.

Danny DeVito blesses one trash shrine, blesses us all.

The world mourned the passing of Stan Lee this week, but in the midst of all the “’nuff saids,” Rosie Knight took an unflinching look at the darker side of Lee’s legacy.

Celebrities: they really are just like us.

It’s time to throw money at another delightful Kickstarter! POME Crone Ashley has a short story in Shout Out, an all-queer YA anthology, already halfway to its goal!!!

Detective Pikachu… will you be our angel, or our devil????

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