Afternoon Snack

Remember when the Dragon Age 4 trailer came out and we all collectively lost our minds / geared up to fight Solas?

Christmas came early for those of us who loved Neo Yokio, with the arrival of a “Pink Christmas” special episode that arrived on December 7.

John Paul Brammer wrote a touching ode to the end of Tumblr porn.

Frighteningly, the changes at Tumblr are only one symptom of FOSTA/SESTA’s attack on sex workers, which, as it becomes increasingly enforced, increasingly endangers sex workers with ever fewer safe places to work.

Lili Loofbourow brings us a fascinating profile of an early abortion access who was determined to spread reliable information about abortion to as many people who needed it as possible.

Newly elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making big waves by… actually paying her interns, unlike most of Congress.

Meanwhile, Pome fave Bianca Xunise addresses stepping away from work when you recognize your need to take care of yourself.

“I no longer feel the need to prove that I can work myself to the bone, I surrender to rest.”

We here at Pome always appreciate good crone content out in the wild:

Angelica Jade Bastién takes a look at how mainstream stars and filmmakers alternately embrace and distance themselves from the horror genre.

If you’re new to horror and want to get started, here’s a great list of horror by women filmmakers.

Okay, sure, but here’s a genuine question, has any horror film ever addressed the important issue of ghost divorce?

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