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Here’s the best of the last dregs of 2018, as far as we can tell!

Paste’s 20 Best Kids Comics of 2018 makes an excellent to-read list if you want to catch up on some comics faves at the top of their game.

A Peruvian father and son dubbed Coco into Quechua for Andean kids to enjoy, and now we’re crying.

We learned that the passive fairy tale heroine was actually an invention of the 16th century, based on a change in the material conditions of women in the Middle Ages:

In the late Middle Ages, women had options for life outside marriage and motherhood. Beguinages, or lay communities, which began in the twelfth century and spread across northern Europe, offered places for “virtuous” unmarried or widowed women. Paralleling the male-centered guild system, they promised gainful employment and relative freedom and independence. Women dominated many crafts, including ale brewing. The sex trade was also widespread and often socially acceptable

Speaking of not-so-passive heroines, we extremely enjoyed this thread of twin-swap Star Wars AU with Luke as the object of Han’s advances.

G. Willow Wilson’s monumental run on writing Ms. Marvel is finally coming to an end. Fortunately, a really exciting new creative team is taking over!

Last week, we pondered on the lasting legacy The Legend of Zelda. This week, we’re really enjoying this take on the RPG qualities of Magic Knight Rayearth.

Maybe you were really lucky on this year’s gift-giving holidays on received this adorable ruffled Artemis crop from *check notes* Hot Topic??

Here’s a fascinating interview with Kelly Sue DeConnick on her reimagining of Aquaman. Her run’s first issue came out last Wednesday and it looks incredible!

Tillie Walden’s upcoming 2019 release, Are You Listening? looks EXTREMELY Texas-y in the most gorgeous way and we are HERE FOR IT.

This essay makes a very strong case for adding the classic Archers film, A Matter of Life and Death, to your holiday watchlist. If you have some vacation time left, get thee to your local video rental and fire it up!

2019 winter writer horoscopes are here, from Electric Literature! Even if you don’t generally let stars and planets tell you what to do, there’s some good advice in here for any creative person.

Here’s one prediction we absolutely WILL NOT ABIDE: the return of low-rise jeans. All pants-wearers, WELCOME TO THE RESISTANCE!!!!

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