Afternoon Snack

It’s the last day of 2018, and boy are we ready! Let’s go out with a bang by treating ourselves to the best stuff we could find on the internet in this last week of the year.

We’re not gonna lie, we POMEs pretty much are the demographic this genius thread was made for:

There are a lot of year-end lists going around, but this list of 7 trans women who are redefining pop music is one of the best.

This profile on Bob Mackie’s designs for Cher is not only an entertaining and educational read, it’s full of Mackie’s delightful illustrations of the very Cher outfits you know and love!

Though this Christmas already feels like a decade ago, we thoroughly enjoyed this love letter to Christmas tamales and all those who make them.

Huge thank you to POME fave Reimena Yee for posting this adorable recipe comic for ginger pear tea!! It sounds sooooo good right now!

This honestly seems highly dubious, but according to this February article from Berkeley news, some scientists claim that a human being could theoretically pass through a supermassive black hole, survive, AND erase your past???? Something to look forward to in 2019, perhaps.

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Afternoon Snack

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