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It’s a new year and all we got was this dang linkpost!

We love thoughtful games criticism, and the latest Game Studies journal is all about queerness! From an essay entitled “When (and What) Queerness Counts: Homonationalism and Militarism in the Mass Effect Series:”

By tracing what queer bodies are allowed to count–and what ways–within the abstracted, mission-first logic and gameplay objectives of each title, a vision of Mass Effect (and the modern BioWare RPG more widely) emerges in which queerness is made, above all, to be a useful asset to the nation-state, and expendable when not.

POME fave Anne Helen Petersen discusses how Millennials became the burnout generation. (Hint: it rhymes with Shmapitalism.)

We got a kick out of watching the internet roast this guy who is undeniably the asshole in his relationship for always wanting his girlfriend to cook, even on date night, because she’s just SO good at it, you guys!!

Elon Musk invented the world’s shittiest subway, and now we’re kind of wondering if he wrote that Reddit post up there, too.

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A collage featuring the top 10 crones of the year for 2023.

Crones of the Year 2023

As we spiral ever further towards certain catastrophe on this interminable mortal coil, there are some lights of hope that pass fleetingly by. Most often: the crones or otherwise eternal baddies found in all of our favorite escapist media. And so we present our top ten 2023 Crones of the Year.

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