Afternoon Snack

April Fool’s Day is bad and wrong, and you will find no foolish tricks in here. Just tasty internet snacks!

First and foremost, we must honor the passing of Agnes Varda, arguably one of the best filmmakers of all time, and absolutely a longtime POME idol.

And now for the shameless self-indulgent part of your Monday… The Eternal Witchcraft Kickstarter is now over and fully funded!!! We’re so grateful for all the support and love this project has gotten, and can’t wait to put this book in your hands!

Speaking of witchcraft, here’s a delightful #cronetent alert: Bethesda is putting the Skyrim granny in the next Elder Scrolls game!!

The worst thing about the mystery of Garfield phones inexplicably washing up on French beaches being solved is that we didn’t even know about it until it was already solved, preventing us from basking in the glory of a delightful Garfield-based enigma!!

The Netflix Overlords have blessed us once more, this time with a third season of The Dragon Prince! Hell yeaaaaaah!

We honestly cannot wait to emulate and serve our new queen, the 50-year-old Russian grandma who rules over Blingee, POME’s favorite app.

You can’t tell us that 2019 isn’t cursed and that all TV isn’t staffed primarily by witches.

However, 2019 has given us many blessings as well, and one of them is yet ANOTHER reason to adore Tan from Queer Eye, a perfect angel and future comrade.

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