Afternoon Snack

Here’s to a lovely first week of May, and everything that made us laugh, cry, and cower in fear.

This week in Capitalist Hell, we learned of and viciously mocked a woman who has a firm policy of not hiring anyone who doesn’t send a thank you note after an interview.

We’ve heard that the Sonic team is completely revamping the character designs after his horrifyingly human teeth went viral for being, well, horrifying. THAT’s the power of being Mad Online, folks.

If you have twenty minutes and a human heart, do yourself a favor and listen to this interview of Nicole Cliffe and Danny Ortberg, our beloved Toast co-founders, on the subject of their unique friendship and the many ways it’s grown and changed over the years.

Elsewhere on the internet, Danny was also part of a heartfelt and thoughtful conversation with Grace Lavery, Molly Priddy, and Charlie Zieke unpacking the harmful concept of “butch flight,” and the relationship between butch and transmasculine identities.

In comics news, we just learned about this cool new history comics line from First Second Books, covering events in American history for readers in grades 4-8. Comics is learning, and how!

Game of Thrones, shockingly, isn’t the only gazillion-dollar media property that can’t quite figure out how to women: over at Tor, Emily Asher-Perrin breaks down how Avengers: Endgame is the latest in an MCU legacy of failing women. (Spoiler, of course.)

Had enough of all this tosh and poppycock? If only we were in the 1850s, you could poison all your enemies with an arsenic-laced peppermint humbug. The Victorian era: what a time to be very briefly and precariously alive.

See you next week for all the internet’s most delicious trash.

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