Afternoon Snack

We’re back from a glorious CAKE in Chicago and we’re dreaming of deep dish and hot dogs! Let’s indulge our cravings and dive into a hearty Afternoon Snack.

In enduring post-con spirit of Comics Are Actually Really Good, Y’all, please check out friend of Pome Ren’s daily comic strip during Pride Month, Millenial Lesbian!

Coming back to work on a Tuesday has us dreaming of a shorter work week and a planet not headed toward imminent doom; a conveniently, a UK thinktank proposes that a nine-hour work week could help us avoid climate catastrophe.

Today in “Men Are Definitely Not Okay,” incels are getting frightening plastic surgeries to look Chadlier:

In forum posts, incels classify Chads by phenotype (“Keltic Nordid,” “Gracile Mediterranid”) and style (jock, lumberjack, vampire, pretty boy). They repost scientific research on the importance of symmetry and harmony in universal standards of beauty. They discuss the Golden Mask, a Platonic ideal of a face designed by a California surgeon using the ratio of phi.

If you actually read that full article (which is both fascinating and terrifying), you may need a palate cleanser or five, so here are some men who definitely seem Pretty Okay:

Men who love horses and are talented horse-song-performers who bring joy to elementary schoolchildren: super okay!!!

Keanu Reeves: skip right past okay, and straight into very good!!!!

That’s it for this week, but stay tuned the rest of the month as we indulge in content that is increasingly gay!

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