Afternoon Snack

We’re kicking off the week with cats, because why not?

Last week, the surprisingly un-Britishly-named Larry the Cat achieved what thousands of protesters sadly could not, and delayed Trump’s motorcade during his visit with Teresa May. Good boy, Larry.

Because even a relatively benign story about the Hell Clown in Chief gives us all the willies, here’s a palate cleanser / visual representation of our instinctual reaction to seeing his miserable clown face:

We promised that this month’s snack would get progressively gayer throughout Pride Month, and we refuse to disappoint! In that spirit, please accept this gift of Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon reuniting to re-watch and chat about the best lesbian noir of all time, Bound:

Gina Gershon (Corky): My agents didn’t want me to do it. Literally, I was told, “You are ruining your career doing this movie. We will not let you do this movie.” I never get to play the hero and to get the chick. I mean, it’s the typical part that I’ve watched my whole life, and it’s never been a woman. I left my agents over it.

Well, here’s something sitting extremely at the intersection of our interests: the original pastel/goth girlfriends!!

Pome fave and celebrity bisexual Kate Leth made a sweet comic about being sober for one year, and it made us tear up a bit. Life is hard but it is also very good sometimes??

It is a fact universally acknowledged that horses are really hard to draw and that literally no one in the history of ever has done it. Nice try, comedic cartoonist Emma Hunsinger.

Golden Girls but it’s a Danganronpa Class Trial? Sure, hit us with that extremely specific shitpost nonsense, we only have one life to live!!!

Finishing off with the very best news of the week, Pokémon has a new professor, and she is a certified Poké crone!!! Welcome to the club, Professor Magnolia!!

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