Afternoon Snack

Welcome to July 1999!!

Last week we were ecstatic about the announcement of the new Sailor Moon movie; this week we are even more (??) excited about the very first Sailor Moon on ice!

Evgenia Medvedeva, who was a silver medalist in the Pyeongchang Olympics, even has experience skating as Sailor Moon! What a time to be alive!

Someone MADE a CUNEIFORM TABLET Good Omens fanfiction and it’s perfect! God bless!!

Over at Tor, Emily Asher-Perrin makes a solid argument for 1999 being the year that nerd culture took over the world.

Speaking of the 90s, we’ll just leave this here. (Be sure to scroll through for some fun twists.)

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Brief investigation of a trend

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What?? Decade????? Are we in, actually???????????????????????????

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