Afternoon Snack

We’re kicking off this week’s snack with some fun personal news: POME is going to San Diego Comic Con!

Our debut anthology, Group Chat, was nominated for a Prism award, and we’re sending Pome’s resident West Coaster to attend the ceremony! Ashley is doing a signing at the Prism booth (#2144) Saturday, July 20 from 1 – 2 PM. Check out some of the other fun events at the Prism booth here, and if you’re coming to San Diego, please come say hi!

In some very exciting industry news, HarperCollins has just announced they’re launching an all-ages graphic novel imprint, HarperAlley. Get your pitches ready, folks!

Following up with some horrible publishing news, buckle up for this unbelievable experience that a food writer had with getting asked to write a book for basically a negative amount of dollars.

If you are a millennial around 30 to 35, you may be VERY interested in this oral history of the most aughts drink, Four Loko.

Love to see that top-tier #cronetent out in the wild. Keep it coming!!

Apparently J LO gave a LAP DANCE to U.S. women’s soccer champion Carli Lloyd and OH GOD WE’RE SWEATING

#millennial #cronetent #4eva

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