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It’s Official: Teens Are Good

On the other side of the age spectrum, we are very much in love with the Shenanigans, a band of ukelele-playing retired women in Deerfield, Illinois. (Not surprising, considering our well-documented love of a good uke.)

Carol Wiemer [one of the four bandmates]I retired six years ago from nursing, and I was afraid my mind would go to mush if I didn’t have something challenging in my life. So I went online and looked around at the local senior centers. And when I brought up Deerfield, it said “Hummers and Strummers,” and I thought, Wow, that sounds like a fun group. When I walked in, everybody was smiling and happy. They handed me a uke, gave me some lessons, and I practiced and fell in love with the ukulele. And the four of us just kind of glued together. Our friendship blossomed, and the four of us now go out and do a lot of little gigs. We are now the Shenanigans, starting with she. You get it, right?

As avid con-goers and salescrones, we can’t recommend you read this thread on table setup enough.


Do you have a background in comedy? Was it something you did in college?
I was on my high-school and college improv troupes and I was definitely a theater kid. I’ve been making dumb videos for forever.

From one theater kid to another, thank you for your service.
Always nice to meet another serviceman.

What a time to be online, folks. What a time to be online.

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