Afternoon Snack

Presented without context, because y’all already know the world is literally on fire, but just a reminder: There’s no crying in the Snack Zone.

It might not be a great sign that all we can think of are the extremely niche meme opportunities, but Your Mileage May Vary:

The Answer to Burn Out At Work Isn’t “Self-Care,” ⁠— It’s Unionizing. We’ll just uh… just leave this right here.

Being in a union means that you and your coworkers work together to fix the problems at your workplace, and then negotiate for solutions with management. Whether this means collectively bargaining for raises, vacation time, better healthcare or more clear-cut job duties, there is an undeniable strength in a union. The negotiations will result in a legally enforceable union contract. Unlike most employee handbooks, once you have a strong union contract, management can’t erode your pay or benefits, or fire you without notice.

The world’s largest occult library is archived online and we apparently have Dan Brown to thank??? 2019 is asssuredly fake.

If you would like a good-hearted, full-throated chuckle, please read this thread translating Akiko Higashimura’s reaction to winning an Eisner this year for Tokyo Tarereba Girls:

Bringing a whole new meaning to, “Let’s go, lesbians!”: we have now learned that the first ever Space Crimes have been committed in the wake of a bitter lesbian astronaut divorce. Someone acquire the rights to the graphic memoir, STAT!!!!

Speaking of lesbians: are they cousins or are they lovers??? THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW.

We are getting a new Daniel Ortberg book VERY SOON, THANK GOODNESS, but in the meantime, please enjoy this canon list of cis-es with transmasc energy, every word of which is both delightful and 100% fact-based.

Behold, friends: an ye olde offline shitposte???

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