Afternoon Snack

This week we get burned, we watch some anime, and we deliver with the good, wholesome content.

This Onion article, “Nation Baffled By Childless Woman Who Doesn’t Even Have High-Powered Career“, hits incredibly close to home and we are OFFENDED.

‘What Is She Even Doing?’ Asks Rest Of Country

The Beacon just opened in Seattle and they’re doing a super fun ANIME SUNRISE every Sunday! If you’re in the area, check it out and see some good, anime classics.

Hello, fall, we are ready

For anybody in Fire Emblem hell with us, this is a good thread

That’s it, that’s the tweet

Just good, wholesome content

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Pomegranate Magazine

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Afternoon Snack

Lot goin’ on this week! Worlds collide! Shea Couleé from RuPaul’s Cinematic Universe is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Rebecca Mock’s huge brain and the

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