Afternoon Snack

October 7, 2019 at 11:08 am

It’s the first afternoon snack of the spookiest time of the year!!

This is an AMAZING collection of Mister Global contestants dressed up in their national costumes, and we are very very pleased (except for the USA, why do you have to embarrass us like this).

For the other FE3H stans out there, Dorothea has apparently overtaken Edelgard as the most popular character, and we are very happy that the majority of folks have taken our wife as their own wife. Dorothea is GREAT.

COACH and Michael B Jordan got together to do a Naruto-inspired fashion line??? What is HAPPENING???????????? (We’re not mad, but we’re not used to being seen in such a direct way!!!)

October 3rd was important to so many people.

Very exciting comics news!! Mariko Tamaki (of Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me and This One Summer fame) is curating a new line of graphic novels under Surely Books, an imprint dedicated to expanding the presence of LGBT+ creators! We’re never not going to be stoked about more gay comics!!

A bit of a long (but good!!) read about the women of Angel, the Buffy-spin-off that so many of us grew up watching.

Sometimes there really ARE heroes.

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