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Only 10 days until the best day of the year!

Last week, we learned that Marvel is being sued for stealing the theme song to “X-Men: The Animated Series” from a Hungarian cop show, and we are STILL laughing our tails off. Click through to watch the original theme song in question.

At long last, we’ve found it… The Perfect Take….

In other theme song news, we learned that the writer of The Golden Girls also wrote the “Spooky Scary Skeletons” song we all know and love as the official song of Halloween?? Will October blessings never cease?

Untitled Goose Game has been praised in The New Yorker, and we are just so proud of our horrible goose children/siblings/Patronii. (PS: do you have goose content? PITCH US, we want it!!)

But it also taps into a broader quality. Video games, like fiction, are a medium through which we can explore evildoing without real-world consequences. The idea isn’t new: Grand Theft Auto appeared more than two decades ago. Yet something about the juxtaposition, in Untitled Goose Game, between the bucolic scenery, the pastel color scheme, and the relentless focus of the antihero’s dreadfulness makes the goose a more memorable antagonist than any number of trenchcoated gunmen. The goose is unapologetic in her appetite for misery-making, but the misery itself is quotidian, banal.

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