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Just when you think you’re the howdiest in the game… a challenger approaches…

Ah yes, here it is, the only Pokémon Sword and Shield review that matters:

As it makes the jump onto a new console with the Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Sword and Shield offer new interesting features — well, you know, they’re features, not necessarily interesting or uninteresting — like dynamaxing which allows your Pokémon to take massive forms, ballooning up like the outrage towards a Famitsu interview given by game producer Junichi Masuda. Is dynamaxing good? No way I’m gonna let you know.

Want a gaming experience that’s a little more casual, and maybe even a little more social? POME pal Jazzlyn Stone has some recommendations over on Sartorial Geek for couch co-ops to play with friends (or lovers?) this winter.

These past couple weeks, we were all reminded that the approaching end of the year ALSO means the approaching end of the decade, generating a whole host of memes and best-of lists. Here’s the only one we care about now: Polygon staffers’ 69 favorite movies, TV, and games crushes (nice).

Longtime POME fave Anne Helen Petersen is back with an excellent essay on Jennifer Anniston’s new project, The Morning Show, which showcases the breathtaking beauty of middle-aged actresses’ rage.

We are no strangers to the allure of the costume drama here in our pastel corner of the internet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a critical take. Sam Brooks discusses the tensions between humanizing royals and critiquing the monarchy in Season 3 of The Crown.

As 2020 approaches, there is one big question looming in our minds: English translation of this incredible manga WHEN?
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Romance Roundtable #51: Yakuza Lover

Welcome back to Romance Roundtable: a feature where the editorial POME Crones gather together to discuss Romance Manga. Join us for our spiciest Romance Roundtable yet as we cover Yakuza Lover by Nozomi Mino: an absolutely R-rated romance between a bold, fearless college student and a beautiful twink yakuza boss.

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