Afternoon Snack

It’s the first Monday after a holiday weekend, and we are awake! We swear!

We cannot let the country’s biggest Shopping Holiday go by without asking you to throw your money at a good crowdfund. Our friends behind Books with Pictures Eugene are over halfway to their goal to open an inclusive comic book shop. Check it out and snag some of the enticing comics, prints, and original art they’re offering as rewards!

As your resident Meme Trash Hound, the person making this post, I would like to express my gratitude to the people with time and energy to make beautiful art like this account. Absolutely bless.

Some of those who have recently encountered Sassy Mom Merch in their holiday travels may be very interested in this genuinely thought-provoking essay by Jia Tolentino: “The Quiet Protests of Sassy Mom Merch.”

Kristia Rumbley, a mother of three in Alabama who runs an online store called the Tiger’s Trunk, told me that “This mom runs on coffee, wine, and Amazon Prime” was the first mom-themed T-shirt that she designed and sold, in 2017. At the time, she was new to the Etsy world—she’d worked for a long time as a school counsellor, but had quit to take care of her newborn twins. She’d seen the Amazon Prime meme on Facebook and liked it. “I had no idea that smartass mom shirts were really a thing,” she told me. “I sort of thought I was inventing it.” The shirt sold “really, really well,” she said, as did all the other sassy mom merch.

We at Pome are also eternally grateful for animators. Thank you for bringing us joy in the form of Drag Race Pokémon.

As we slide into the last month of the calendar year… a light shines. What a fitting way to celebrate the beginning of the end of 2019.

Stay warm and cozy, sweet Pomes!

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