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All we know is books, animes, eat hot chip and lie (down for a nap).

Last week, Crunchyroll celebrated the birthday of Evangelion’s Misato Katsuragi, apparently (no lie!) anime’s first millenial! Read on if you have a tolerance for extreme self-roasting in the form of Relating Strongly to An Anime, and/or if the realization that Sailor Moon and her soldiers are actually Gen Xers didn’t immediately kill you.

Overcapable, underpaid, consistently depressed, self-medicating and prone to dramatic action in largely self-destructive attempts to improve her life or the lives of others? Misato sounded a lot like a few people I know from my generation.

Well, it’s the middle of December 2019, and you know what the means: a subset of the customary proliferation of end-of-year lists have mutated into end-of-decade lists! Start your week off right with this absolute banger put together by the meme miners at Buzzfeed, 100 Best Memes of the Decade. (Personally, and for no particular reason at all, I highly recommed #76.)

A lot of people read a lot of books both this year and this decade! Take a look at some really incredible reads:

Five THOUSAND books!

It’s not too late to add one more book to the pile this year/decade, as Penguin Random House has just issued a deluxe 20th anniversary edition of Ai Yazawa’s classic Paradise Kiss! Look at this lovely cover (shared by Vertical, the company that did the translation):

In a media landscape almost entirely dominated by Disney products, one might be tempted to skip a longread like The Story of the 1991 Beauty and the Beast Screening That Changed Everything. Regardless, it’s well worth reading as not only a detailed slice of film history, but also as a lens through which to contemplate the marketing machinery behind what gets defined and high or low art.

I think the “blogosphere” is officially dead with the news of Feministing shutting down last week. RIP Feministing, the blog that slaked much of our thirst for white male tears this decade.

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