Afternoon Snack

Some tasty online morsels to keep you going until you get some of that sweet holiday time off…

We are coming in HOT this week with the unbelievably satisfying Oral History of the Folgers Incest Ad from GQ. Even if you were unlucky enough to miss this zeitgeist in its own time, the magic has not waned.

Timothy Simons (cameraman for auditions and callbacks): This was a very long time ago and if you asked me if I would end up being interviewed about this commercial that I worked on, 10 years later, I would not have believed you, because it was altogether pretty unremarkable. It’s not something I have a lot of memories about, outside of the fact that ultimately the commercial kind of seems like the brother and sister are going to have sex. That’s why we’re talking, right?

A more sobering reflection on the previous decade comes in the form of Lizzie Logan’s essay, Brittany Murphy Still Deserves Your Attention, which came out on the tenth anniversary of Murphy’s death.

And now, for something a little more lighthearted and INCREDIBLE:

The end of a calendar year tends to bring out a lot of great reflective writing, and we really loved this one in particular: The Year in Making Clothes by Naomi Skwarna.

Next week, we’ll be focusing more on things we’re excited about in the New Year, but before that ol’ sun completes its circuit around our dying rock, give yourself some time to reflect on what 2020 might have in store for you with Autostraddle’s New Year’s Tarot Spread.

And now, we leave you with this bit of youthful genius. Have lovely holiday break and safe travels, POMEs!

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