Afternoon Snack

A new decade… approaches… here, take a snack for the journey.

In just a few short days, the 2010s will be over. This year has blasted out all our memories of the past, but there were a few things that made us chuckle last week, most notably:

In any case, we found some essays and articles and silly tweets that remind us of the things we are leaving behind, and the things we want more of in future. In the “MORE” category, let’s start with: UNIONS, and how to do them! (Next, let’s change the title of Teen Vogue magazine to Teen Vanguard).

MORE: Anne Helen Petersen! In her latest, she reflects on how the 2010s killed the celebrity gossip machine.

MORE: Innovative comics by people we like!

MORE: Lilah Sturges, trans solidarity, and trans health. This interview with Lilah includes a lot of kind and heartfelt things that winners of #transpizza have said about Austin’s own queer comics mom: beware misty eyes.

LESS: Cissexism in sports, and the world at large! But also, MORE The Nib, now people-powered and free from the whims of wealthy media executives!

MORE: Gay weddings in sports, and in general!

FEWER: Malls?

Tell us what you’re leaving in the last decade and what you’re bringing into the new one! Happy New Year!

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