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Last week Texas was plagued by cedar fever, and this week the northier places in the U.S. are getting SNOWED IN. Settle in for some spicy snacks to stave off cabin fever.

Here at POME, we are very interested in watching different organizing trends in media. This weekend, we learned that Hollywood assistants are beginning to talk to each other and demand better working conditions and wages. We then learned that 100 in 1500 assistants report that a boss has thrown things directly at their head, and would like healthcare, please.

Health care coverage is another concern. Andi Royer, a 32-year-old assistant with Type 1 diabetes, said she was not offered health care as part of the benefits package that went with her job on “Bluff City Law,” a new hourlong drama produced by Universal Television, an arm of NBCUniversal.

Elsewhere in Hollywood, Samantha Barbash, the woman who inspired the character of Ramona in Hustlers, “filed a federal lawsuit against Lopez’s production company Nuyorican Productions, STX Entertainment, Gloria Sanchez Productions, and Pole Sisters LLC claiming they tried to exploit her likeness and character in the hit film.”

Here is a sweet thing that we ancienne crones wish existed in our era of the internet: a dancing doctor educating about sexual health AND patient confidentiality!

Hoping to read more nonfiction in 2020? If so, Bitch magazine has a tempting list of their 17 most anticipated nonfiction reads.

Daniel Lavery wrote a short, very funny, and bittersweet essay (as he is wont to do) on his newsletter recently, about the unpredictability of urinals and also families.

From one old-ish millenial slowly building a Reddit feed of both popular and niche interests to you, dear reader, please enjoy this lovely drawing of Sailor Moon.

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Romance Roundtable #51: Yakuza Lover

Welcome back to Romance Roundtable: a feature where the editorial POME Crones gather together to discuss Romance Manga. Join us for our spiciest Romance Roundtable yet as we cover Yakuza Lover by Nozomi Mino: an absolutely R-rated romance between a bold, fearless college student and a beautiful twink yakuza boss.

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