Afternoon Snack

January 21, 2020 at 12:26 pm

We’re kinda sorta finally accepting the fact that the news is going to be 100% mind-bending horror for the next 50 weeks, but we sorted through it all and found the best stuff so you don’t have to.

Yesterday was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day, and it was also the day we learned that Texas is home to the nation’s largest MLK Day march!

Not insignificantly, Gina Ortiz Jones is running against a Republican for the TX-23 seat, one of those spectacularly drawn Texas districts which stretches all the way from San Antonio to El Paso… for some very good reason, we’re sure…

Elsewhere in Texas, we are applauding the VULTURES, croniest of all birds, our carrion cousins, for rending a Customs and Border Patrol communications tower useless by covering it in vomit and feces.

Quick break from politics posts for an entertainment news question: is Elizabeth Banks angling to be cast as Leah in a completely speculative film adaptation of Stardew Valley?

Listen up, nerds: Orbit Books is “tossing 500,000 copies of The Witcher novels to their fans“, due to a boom in interest from the Netflix show. Please raise your hand if you, like us, didn’t know The Witcher was a series of books before it was a video game, before it was a prestige television series.

There’s no avoiding presidential discourse now that it’s *whispers ominously* 2020… but at least we’ve gotten better at singling out the nonsense? Maybe? Anyway, here’s a very funny send-up of Tom Steyer’s website by Pome fave JP Brammer:

Anyway. This one’s for the Mamas. If you’re a Mama who loves Tom Steyer, there’s no better chance to say it loud and proud than with this yard sign. I have nothing really to add. All my questions are clearly answered by the sign. It inspired me to visit the Spanish language version of his merch shop, for el sabor.

Say what you will about Bernie… no other presidential candidate has got his own anime, and that is something.

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