Afternoon Snack

Happy day after President’s Day! Does anyone know what a president is? No? Okay, moving on…

THIS JUST IN: Congratulations to the Kickstarter union, which has only hours ago been recognized by the National Labor Relations Board! Let’s gooooo!!!!!

The first few weeks of the year have already been full of high-quality longreads, like this one in the New Inquiry on inadequate healthcare for people with IUDs.

Last Friday some among celebrated a different fake holiday, while others abstained. If you’ve still got a bit of the lovebug blues, AND YOU’RE GAY, Pome pal Jazzlyn Stone has prepared a “Games for Gaymers” treat for you over at Sartorial Geek.

Last week we shared news that bovine fecal dust was choking out West Texans, and this week we have the dubious privilege of sharing that six of the nation’s largest benzene-polluting factories are housed on the Texas Gulf Coast, elevating cancer rates of the working class communities nearby. (PS, support the Texas Observer, who are doing some of the best reporting on large-scale issues affecting Texas.)

As many of you may know, Texas is also home to one of the largest fan bases for true crime content, so this McSweeney’s is a bit of a self-own: BABY-SITTERS CLUB CHARACTERS, RANKED IN ORDER OF HOW LIKELY THEY ARE TO START A TRUE CRIME PODCAST THAT PREYS ON WHITE WOMEN’S FEARS AND PROPS UP THE PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

Our northern neighbors are producing Pawakan Macbeth, an incredible-sounding adaptation of the Elizabeth play that translates the Bard into a uniquely indigenous work, using Plains Cree history and storytelling touchstones.

Carry on with the rest of your week, folks! We’ll just be over here.

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