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By now, you’ve all probably heard the news that Emerald City Comic Con was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak in Seattle. So instead of promoting ours and our friends’ previously scheduled con appearances, we’re asking all our sweet nerd readers to check out the #ECCConline hashtag, and find ways to support your favorite artists after losing out on one of the first major conventions of the season.

It’s the day after International Women’s Day, and Mexican women are striking to protest recent gruesome deaths and a general increase in femicides.

A predecessor to that other big thing that happened in Russia in 1917, International Women’s Day is commemorated in large part to the women’s protest of food shortages in Russia, after which that country because the first to grant universal suffrage. Read more about it in (surprisingly enough) TIME Magazine.

The Texas Observer has kicked off their housing beat with a short essay full of telling pictures on the gentrification of Texas cities. If you like their reporting (for our money, some of the best in Texas), you can help them out by backing their Kickstarter!

Though located in New Orleans, not our beloved Texas, we POME crones think we’ve found inspiration for our future retirement home. Is #pastelmacabre finally happening?

Many of us who are familiar with the range of politics in Latinx communities are aware that Cuban-Americans tend to be the most conservative group within that broad category. It came as a very interesting surprise, then, to find an article in the Miami Herald highlighting Cuban exiles in Miami who support Bernie Sanders even in the wake of his positive remarks on the Castro regime’s literacy programs, and who aren’t interested in the traditionally dominant red scare narratives within the exilio community.

Tax season looms, and if you are, like us, millennials with an ever-increasing amount of side hustles, you may be in need of this freelancer’s guide to filing taxes.

Our parting words for the week: SUPER ???? WORM ???? MOON ???? SUPER ???? WORM ???? MOON ???? SUPER ???? WORM ???? MOON ????!!!!!!

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