Afternoon Snack

We know it’s tough to stay sane and calm out there right now, so here’s the best of the comedic and existential relief from last week’s horror show.

You’ve probably already seen videos of the Italians coping with quarantine, but here they are again, because they’re just so nice. And also: why/how does everyone just have their own tambourines lying around???

As universities all over the country began taking their classes online, one professor who teaches a class about Twitch hosted his class on Twitch, despite his own reservations. Not surprisingly, a small amount of hilarity ensued. Quite surprisingly, a decent amount of hands-on learning also ensured!

Speaking of Twitch, pop on over there to see POMEs Ashley and Carolynn talk about Going Steady on the Very Very Shopping Network for #ECCConline! We’re at the very top of day three, so you don’t have to go skipping ahead to find us, but we HIGHLY recommend you keep watching and share widely to support the amazing creators they featuring over three days of what would have been Emerald City Comic Con.

Thank you to the Sailor Senshi and the weeaboos who love them for packaging coronavirus prevention tips in this adorable poster!

Danny Lavery, as always, has our backs with his comprehensive research into Random Stuff on the Internet, and kindly provided a curated list of “Where to Go For Vibes” in these trying times on his newsletter. MAXIMUM WITCHY CHILL THEREIN!

This video of small children demanding to speak to their union steward isn’t technically coronavirus-related, but it is somewhat coronavirus-adjacent as layoffs continue to spread. It’s also deliciously ironic, thanks to child labor!

And because what is even the point of a global crisis if we can’t have just a little schadenfreude, as a treat: yes, gamer man, you are indeed the asshole.

Stay safe out there, POMEs!

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