Afternoon Snack

Whoops, the apocalypse continued on, we buried our heads in the sand of our Animal Crossing New Horizons islands, and we forgot all about Monday! Here’s a juicy snack to make up for it.

To start, a li’l blessing: POME fave Katie Aki shared a drawing of Amabie, “a yokai that came out of the sea and told people if an epidemic occurred to draw her and show it to everyone,” and we would to to share it with y’all in turn. Here’s to your good health, dear POMEs! (And peep the hashtags for more amazing drawings!)

If you’re lucky enough to be home during this crisis, you could probably use a little extra reading and listening material! has you covered with audiobook subscriptions that support your local bookstore! (Cheaper and feel-good-er more than that other audiobook subscription service, too.)

If you’re in the Portland area, however, you might want to steer away from supporting Powell’s, who have just permanently laid off the vast majority of their (unionized) staff, leaving them without healthcare in the midst of a pandemic.

Elsewhere in ominous book news, last night Comics Beat leaked that Diamond Books is shutting off their entire distribution chain, leaving comic books creators and retailers wondering how long they will still have jobs. With conventions shutting down across the globe during the novel coronavirus crisis, there is no doubt that what survives of the comic book industry will be forever changed on the other side.

Ready for the good stuff? Yeah, okay, we got you! Check out this dog who loves Law and Order as much as your grandma!

We, uh… we weren’t kidding about that tarantula thing, by the way. Over at Polygon, Patricia Hernandez compiled some of the clever tactics that Animal Crossing players have employed to maximize tarantula containment and capture.

The social aspect of Animal Crossing really takes on a new meaning during social distancing. Check out this Animal Crossing New Horizons multiplayer guide to explore all the different ways you can hang out with your friends on an island oasis!

Stay safe and sane out there, POMEs! And if you have any Animal Crossing tips or party invites, do kindly share.

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