Afternoon Snack

How are y’all doing, POMEs? We’ve got some fun news and educational reads coming up to keep you moving in this week’s Snack.

First things first, some wholesome news: late last night our Kickstarter for Going Steady fully funded! Thank you so much to everyone who backed the Kickstarter or spread the word! We’re celebrating by expanding our art commission giveaway: join up now (no backing required!) and help keep this project visible so we can hit some STRETCH GOALS!

Speaking of Kickstarter, we are absolutely DROOLING over these manga environments Jenn Ravenna created based on some of her photographs. Like!! Wow!!!!

Gentle reminder: if you are not “being productive” or experiencing a “growth mindset,” In These Times that’s okay, and you are by no means alone. These are not conditions in which to thrive.

That being said: let’s all root for Glenn on his personal journey. Get a Switch, Glenn!!!

Dr. Eleanor Janega schooled us all on medieval plagues in the wake of everyone saying ignorant stuff about the Black Death online, and we enjoyed it. Spoiler alert: plague masks AREN’T medieval!

We are also getting good education from — you guessed it — vanguard publication Teen Vogue, who explain what a general strike is and how to do one.

Hey, remember going to the movies?? We don’t, but perhaps you can conjure up a memory at home by making Harley Quinn’s sandwich from Birds of Prey.

And finally, your obligatory Animal Crossing content highlight for the week:
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