Afternoon Snack

Hello, POMEs! How’s your week 300 of 2020 going?

To open up: same energy. Who can relate?

In These Trying Times, it is perhaps a comfort that the Millennial Thinkpiece Industrial Complex churns on, this time perhaps in our favor? Did anyone else laugh at out loud at “peak earning years?”

Further evidence that we are living in a particularly cruel and glitchy version of The Matrix:

Are you using Zoom for work or social purposes? POME fave Pam Wishbow has created a few gorgeous Zoom backgrounds and put them up for free on her website! The aesthetic must go on…

As the pandemic marches on and comics creators continue feeling the crunch, First Second Books has a new way to connect creators and fans: the upcoming Comics Relief Festival, scheduled to take place THIS Saturday, April 18! You can check out the schedule and pre-register now!

We POMEs are adopting some unusual coping mechanisms, like diving even deeper into the Harlequin romance manga universe. Go ahead and tag yourselves!

Need a weirder dose of humor to lift your mood? Check out this extensive, heartwarming profile of the only good Gen X comedian, Weird Al Yankovic.

Perhaps you prefer trainwreck content that you can’t avert your eyes from to distract you from our collective misery? Then this investigative report on the extraordinary collapse of the world’s most famous Harry Potter-themed LARP will sate your bitter tooth.

For your weekly Animal Crossing update, we are completely charmed by the outfit codes based on traditional Filipino textiles that the Ayala Museum is giving away. Crone bless us, every one!

It’s a craven new world out there, folks, but we can get by with a little help from our screens!

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Romance Roundtable #52: Classmates

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