Afternoon Snack

It’s the last Monday of April, and you’re still here! Congratulations on your continuing march forward through time; here’s a little treat to keep you going!

That feeling when time is a flat circle:

Shouts out to our very own Pome, Alejandra, for her essay on scary movies in the Texas Observer newsletter! As usual, she’s got you covered with the best recommendations for your TV time.

Elsewhere in horror(-ish) news, last week we learned that Dolly Parton is single-handedly responsible for Joss Whedon’s entire career. (That may be a slight exaggeration, but you’ll have to click through for the proof.)

The D&D community has been lately beset with conflict over the canon treatment of orcs (and other fantasy races), in ways that reinforce the racist origins of such creatures. If you’d like to learn more, check out the Twitter thread below which links to some excellent writing on the matter.

In our more grounded fantasies, we dream of an equitable entertainment industry, where the workers behind our favorite games, books, movies, and TV share in the profits their labor produces. Fortunately, Kotaku recently profiled The Glory Society, a game studio with no bosses founded by the co-writers and designers of Night in the Woods, hopefully inspiring others to follow suit.

Some more exciting entertainment news: Pome faves Steenz and Bianca Xunise have been newly inaugurated into the newspaper comics strip world, penning “Heart of the City” and “Six Chix” respectively. We can’t wait to get back into newspaper strips, apparently?

Speaking of comic, we found that this New Yorker comic by Lisa Hanawalt about how hot British period dramas can be really hits home.

Last but not least, the most exciting cartoony news of the week: SAILOR MOON ETERNAL THE MOVIE, THE TRAILER!! We know where we will be on, uh, September 11, 2020…
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