Afternoon Snack

After an absolutely brutal week that promises only more chaos, let’s take a wide view of the path ahead. This week’s snack starts off spicy, then mellows out into something a bit sweeter.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing on Friday led to widespread mourning, anger, and panic across the country, as we all contemplated the looming threat of a Trump-packed Supreme Court. It behooves all of us to learn where Republicans currently stand on approving a Trump Supreme Court nominee, as well as their recent and past statements on Supreme Court appointees in an election year. Have one of these cowards representing you? Give ’em a call or fifty.

For the Electric Literature millennial hell beat, Jess Zimmerman has a thought-provoking new essay about the replacement of the marriage plot in contemporary American fiction with the “health insurance plot.”

Maybe now that there is an 80s American Girl doll, pundits and opinion writers will finally allow millennials to take our hard-earned seats in the Halls of the Olds.

As parts of the West Coast slowly started seeing clear skies after weeks of smoke from the largest wildfires in the region’s history, the LA Times put a name to the unique, dreadful feeling of watching the beginning of the end of the climate we once knew.

In these rudderless times, perhaps Professor Biscuits can offer the wisdom we need, or at least a small taste of serotonin. (As a treat.)

Comics and animation news was a bit of a life raft this week, giving us lots to look forward to, as well as nice things to celebrate, like cronespiration Lynda Barry’s Reuben Award win last week!

Iron Circus Comix’s latest smut launches on Kickstarter today: Patience & Esther, an Edwardian WLW romance! Go forth and get your smut!

And finally, we saved the best news of the week for last, to keep your spirits up (click through for a trailer)!

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