Afternoon Snack

It’s the eve of the U.S. general election, and we are Here, physically if not mentally. Take a break and take in some things to look forward to!

If you do not have time or energy for anything other than being mad and possibly acting out, you are not alone: Jess Zimmerman invites us all to “Just Lie On the Floor and Scream Together” this week, and to be honest, that sounds really rejuvenating.

A small ray of hope shines through the other side of tomorrow, whatever happens: 3 unions in Seattle, Massachusetts, and Rochester, NY have already voted to approve a general strike if the Donald Trump refuses to accept a potential Joe Biden victory.

Over in our big Texan corner of the world, we’re eagerly watching the local races that tend to have a much bigger impact on Texans’ quality of life, including a “House race that could bring unions to the table to build a Green New Deal.”

We could really not yearn any harder for 2021, and this is a decent 30% of the reason why:

Maybe if we somehow get every co-habiting heterosexually-paired cis man in America to watch The Way of the House Husband, they’ll catch up to their share of the household chores in fewer than 75 years. The other genders can dream, can’t we?

Do y’all remember fun? Yeah, us neither. For Vox, Rachel Sugar writes:

It is fun to go for walks, to see friends on outdoor benches, to stream movies, to make doughnuts; what is not fun is me. What was once “novel” and “spontaneous” is now an exercise in planning — what is an equidistant park, is there a bathroom, will it rain? — and the effort of Zoom game night is more than I can give. Instead of a release, fun is yet another obligation: You are so lucky, I keep thinking. Why don’t you want to go apple picking?

In our eagerness to leave 2020 behind, we could not more heartily endorse this Important Dogs risograph-printed calendar currently being crowdfunded by POME fave Liz Yerby.

And if the end must come, let it at least be heralded by the cutest hellbeasts known to humankind:

Stay safe and sane, dear POMEs!

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Afternoon Snack

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