Afternoon Snack

The Very Bad Man has lost, and we are relieved. Thanks for bearing with us while we took most of last week off: we didn’t want to compete for anyone’s attention during such an immensely nerve-wracking week. But now that it’s over, let’s take a moment together to enjoy some nice things!

Your local crone coven is fully not above having a good cackle over a scarily accurate impression of the lame duck, especially when it involves Pokémon.

The New York Times interviewed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the wake of the presidential election results, and it only gets better as it goes after a strong start.

Yoko Kanno (of Cowboy Bebop fame!) is composing the score for the Takarazuka Revue’s winter play, and boy oh boy are we HYPE and also SO JEALOUS of everyone who gets to experience it!

POME fave Vrai Kaiser has an excellent essay on Paradise Kiss and its disappointing anime adaption up on Anime Feminist, which is well worth a read!

Meanwhile, over on, Sarah Kozloff writes about the perils of modern spoilerphobia, and the everyday media consumers’ prioritizing of plot over other, possibly far more important story elements.

That’s all for now: take a deep breath and hold your loved ones close, dear POMEs!

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Pomegranate Magazine

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Afternoon Snack

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