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WHAT A WEEK, y’all! While full of all kinds of ups and downs, we’d like to celebrate some victories and overall cool things that may have slipped past your radar in all the presidential hubbub.

To start, we recommend a peep at POME pal Jazzlyn Stone’s weekly good news thread for some wholesome vibes this fine Monday:

We’re not shy about declaring our allegiances a bit more boldly these days, and it turns out we’re not the only ones: for In These Times, DSA labor organizer Mindy Isser shares what Democrats should learn from the spate of socialist wins on Election Day.

Texas Dems in particular might want to take a long, hard look at their policy and strategy game, in the wake of a number of disappointing losses, including a failure to take the Texas House. Not all is gloom even in our battleground of a home state, though: Austinites got to celebrate the re-election of our beloved socialist City Council member, Greg Casar, as well as the passage of light rail and rapid bus lines, finally!

Our West Coast POMEs also have cause to celebrate, with a particular spotlight on the passage of Universal Preschool in Multnomah County (aka the Portland, Oregon metro). The keys to the exciting win that earned glowing praise from national outlets like The New York Times? DSA organizers partnering with unions to promise long overdue teacher raises, and taxing the rich.

Whatever your feelings about a Biden presidency, there’s no question that a Democrat-appointed National Labor Review Board will be a huge improvement over Trump’s downright dastardly appointments. Our new fave newsletter, Labor Law Lite, has put forward some handy wishlists, from Ten Things Biden’s NLRB Can Do to Jumpstart Industrial Democracy to the One Weird Trick a Biden NLRB could use to help gig workers unionize, despite corporate-funded legislation like California’s Prop 22.

Moving on from politics, we’d like to celebrate good stuff in the comics world, too! Starting with this Kickstarter that you should 1000% throw your money at: Latinx high fantasy comics and roleplay!

DC Comics has a new editor-in-chief: well-beloved editor Marie Javins! We’re definitely curious and excited to see what she’ll bring to the table, especially during these very uncertain times in the comics world, and at Warner Bros. in particular.

If you’ve got a little watching or listening time on your hands, we highly recommend Professor Latinx’s interview with Francesca Lyn on gender, race, and comics, and the unique way that women of color cartoonists approach the representation of their bodies and experiences.

Take care, dear POMEs, until next week’s Snack time!

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