Afternoon Snack

It’s Fake Week: a thing we just made up to describe that time between Christmas and New Year’s Day when everything, especially work, feels fake! Take a snack break and discover some very real things to enjoy and mull over until Afternoon Snack comes back for 2021!

To start with, you’ve been blessed by the solstice gays! Huzzah!

If you’re lucky enough to have some time off and need a way to spend it, the long-awaited (adventure? horror?) game OMORI launched on December 25 for PC and Mac after a years-long development process, and promises an absolute gold mine of gorgeously detailed pixel-art spoopy fun.

As we look forward to 2021, Jessica Hische wants her fellow artists to get paid, and is having a special sale on her exhaustive guide to pricing:

Are you a creator who has found your Instagram engagement tanking for no apparent reason? Her Highness, Supreme Froggy Overlord Rachel Reichenbach reveals what she learned directly from Instagram representatives on why that may be, and provides advice on how to not break your brain and rend your soul trying to keep up with the platform’s demands.

Not unrelated, we vibed extremely hard with this essay in the Harvard Business Review, “The Creator Economy Needs a Middle Class.” In it, author Li Jin proposes ten policies that social media and content platforms can adopt to ensure that a much wider swath of their user base earns a livable income from their contributions.

The fine folks at Anime Feminist have outdone themselves again with an earnest analysis of Neon Genesis Evangelions’s Misato Katsuragi, and her status as an existentially fucked millennial icon.

In true millennial fashion, let’s go out with some soothing and extremely nerdy ASMR to carry you through the rest of the year. Take care, and stay cozy!

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