Afternoon Snack

We’re coming out of our 2020 cage and doing just fine… kind of! Get acclimated to the new year with a fresh Afternoon Snack.

Hey, remember when Slack was down for a few hours on today, the first work day of 2021? That was fun.

Also fun: apparently, it is possible to create custom (modded) Breath of the Wild NPCs using Miis!

As is customary during the preparations for a new year, we have been revisiting some of our favorite reads from 2020, and this breakdown of The Lighthouse by a real-life lighthouse keeper is an absolute standout.

And then there’s the incidents with the seagull. I remember this one keeper who came back one day and a gull had drawn blood diving at him. Scoured his scalp. Other birds like terns could be nasty, but seagulls would dive-bomb you and crap on you and all sorts.

We sat down with a steaming hot mug of tea for this Vulture longread by Molly Fischer, “Who Did J. K. Rowling Become?”, which is heartbreaking, enraging, and dryly humorous in equal measure.

If pitching a graphic novel is on your 2021 to-do list, you’re in luck: this little comic guide from cartoonists Danielle Chuatico, Jesncin Wibowo, Linh Mato and Richard Mercado lays down everything you need to know to put together your first pitch packet.

Despite the relief of leaving 2020 behind, we still have a long year ahead of us in the battle against COVID-19. If you need a little dose of catharsis to help you process where we’ve been and where we are going, we recommend this poem from last June by Safia Elhillo, “For My Friends, in Reply to a Question.”

Stay safe and well, POMEs! We leave you with this dubious vibe:

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A collage featuring the top 10 crones of the year for 2023.

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