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Well, 2021 sure has been a year, hasn’t it? Take a break from witnessing the slow-motion death throes of American naïveté with the diamonds we picked from the internet rough.

For dark shadows to exist, there must be light. For every Bean Dad, there must be… a Laughing Dad.

Here’s a thought-provoking article in VentureBeat on the struggles of making 2020’s shift to remote work more permanent: apparently, distance working requires a change in company culture and practices a little more extensive than endless Zoom meetings. Who knew!

Todd MacFarlane shows us one way to combat toxic work culture, as laid out by comics critic Kim O’Connor: start your own company for shits and giggles.

To say that comics will break your heart is a curious construction, grammatically. It gives inanimate objects and the industry they stand for all the agency. But what if comics weren’t the subject of the sentence? What if the comics didn’t come first? 

Elsewhere in “things that come before comics,” we deeply enjoyed this brief profile of Nobuko Yoshiya, the Meiji-era novelist whose lesbian literature lay the groundwork for the golden era of shōjo manga.

*whispers conspiratorially* Flower Tales walked so Sailor Pluto, specifically, could run…

We’ve been eagerly looking forward to the release of The Black Panther Party, a graphic history by David F. Walker and Marcus Kwame Anderson. Walker, the book’s writer, talked with Sarah Mirk about the difficult process of writing this under-told story for Publisher’s Weekly.

To close, we will leave you with 2,000 blessed images:

Until next week, take care dear POMEs!

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