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Another Monday, another opportunity to take a little break with your weekly Afternoon Snack.

At last week’s presidential nomination, the show was stolen, thankfully not by insurrection, but by America’s first National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman. In Vogue, Gorman talks about preparing for her historic recitation of the poem she wrote for the occasion, “The Hill We Climb,” as well as just girly things like befriending Oprah and her stunning Prada coat. Pre-orders of her upcoming books have soared, and you can do yourself from her website.

We heard a lot about the record number of executive orders signed by President Biden on his first day in office, but most sources only offered the highlights; The New York Times has the full details of every order signed on day 1 of the Biden administration.

We all know there’s a long road ahead for achieving in more justice and equality in the United States; while we’re all working on that, may we present you with our Himbo President?

Nerds like us already know that digital comics are kind of a big deal: now business knows too, with platforms like Tapas reporting consistent gains in conversions from free to paid content, and expanding into print with collaborators like Scholastic.

Australia is kind of like the Texas of the Southern Hemisphere, we figure, what with it being large and containing some deserts, so we were delighted to learn of a genre called the Australian Gothic, thanks to this list of recommendations by Kathleen Jennings for

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and refreshing take on the legacies of abusers who have achieved “artistic genius” status, look no further than this look at Phil Spector’s life in the wake of his death at 81.

Today’s sign-off: polite softies of the world, unite!

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