Afternoon Snack

Not in the mood to think about how it’s March again / still March? Perfect! Kick back with us and keep your mind off of the circular nature of time with a gently pensive Afternoon Snack.

POME fave Anne Helen Petersen is back at it with incisive public thinking on the “hollow middle class,” this time with a long essay in Vox on student loan forgiveness. If you need a new strategy for talking about the latest mass transfer of wealth from the younger generations to the older, and why that’s really bad, actually, look no further.

We really enjoyed this Bowie clip shared by writer and artist Ramzee, speaking concisely and elegantly on the commodification of art:

Speaking of art commodities, cartoonist and illustrator Nilah Magruder is running a survey for picture book and graphic novel illustrators, seeking information on completion timelines to form a better overall picture of compensation for illustrators, which has traditionally remained opaque and difficult to access. Whether you’d like to contribute data or keep an eye out for the eventual results, check it out!

Elsewhere in the comics world, we were very excited to learn that Drawn & Quarterly is putting out a new book by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki, about young women navigating their early twenties in New York City. 2023, we are officially ready for you!

And for our closing vibe: a virtual Pokémon concert! LOOK AT THE BIG PIKACHU.

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