Afternoon Snack

We’re back after a rough week and a bit of time warp. If you’re feeling like the gradual re-opening of the still-pandemic-stricken U.S. has been like the sudden opening of Pandora’s box, you’re not alone, and you could probably use a break. Sit down with a soothing beverage and enjoy this week’s Afternoon Snack.

As suckers for anything that combines the Nerdy and Witchy lifestyles/aesthetics, we encourage you to throw money at the Kickstarter for Sefirot, a gorgeously designed Tarot board game! There are only 3 days left as of this writing, so get to it!

If you’re a theater nerd who doesn’t live in the urban centers of theatre-going, you will almost certainly Esmé Weijun Wang’s recent essay on streaming live theater during the pandemic for the New York Times Magazine. Like many experiences that abled people take for granted, the theater world’s pandemic pivots show that, though increasing accessibility for disabled people is worthy and necessary as its own goal, it also opens up interesting new avenues of connection for the general population, too.

Yes, the big ship is no longer stuck, and we all rejoiced and/or mourned. But did you know that the big ship has all our boba on it and that’s why we can’t have bubble tea anymore??

Providing further evidence that Florida is Jurassic Park, actually, a Palm Beach resident claims to have seen a baby dinosaur running through her yard, and kindly handed over the camera footage to prove it! We can confirm that it’s very fun to watch the video repeatedly to puzzle over whether it’s a giant lizard (actual dinosaur) or maybe just a weird dog (possible new cryptid???).

The Hugo Award finalists were announced last week, and we are very much enjoying a new opportunity to root for our faves, and (for those of crones who are eternally Behind The Times) add some new ones to our reading lists!

Via the Bitches Get Shit Done list, Kelly Sue DeConnick shared an extremely helpful link to sign up for online bystander intervention training. The anti-harrasment organization Hollaback is offering these online classes on a regular basis, and let’s face it: most of us are likely to need these skills to protect not just ourselves and our loved ones, but our neighbors and perfect strangers, too. Be prepared, and spread the education to your squad!

For our sign-off, we present you with a generation defining fashion challenge (but also: just this once, why can’t we have both)!?

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